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1930s hairstyles

Great story showing the hairstyles that suit different face shapes, with very glamorous results!
Hairstyles for different face shapes.

Great opening shot of a pretty girl wearing a hair net, sitting under a hairdryer and leafing through a magazine. Various shots then show us which hairstyles suit different face shapes, according to Jean Barrie, beauty expert of 'Woman's Fair' (although both commentary and hairstyling are done by men). This same brunette is seen having her hair set in a style that will disguise a prominent forehead; the finished hairdo shows sausage curls on each side, loose ones on top and a long roll of hair at the back.

The next girl, a blonde with a round face has her loose, fluffy hairstyle turned into a sleek one, combed close to the face, with little curls around the face to "soften the plumpness". A 'brownette' girl with a narrow face has her normal style adjusted to give her curls at the temples and at the back. Very glamorous.

Glamorous Curly Hairstyles

How to Make Glamorous Curly Hairstyles

Make your long hair curly and beautiful. Get tips for finishing your curly hair in this free video series about how to curl your hair in ringlets.

Discover Sedu Prom Hair Style Ideas

Discover Sedu Prom Hair Style Ideas

Every year around this time thousands of young ladies all over the country begin to think about what they are going to wear and the "Look" they would like to achieve for that all important high school prom.

Having said that there are probably millions of women having the same thoughts regarding their wedding day, a friends wedding day, a family party or some other very special occasion every day of the year. In this article let us look not just at the all important sedu prom hair styles but the overall effect which can be created for all special occasions.

The whole effect has to blend together to produce that wow factor which turns heads, after all is that not every girl and woman's dream?

Sedu hair styles have recently taken the country by storm with everyone trying to achieve that "Jennifer Aniston look." Such a simplistic, natural look can be absolutely stunning provided all the components are put together properly. The hair which is after all a woman's crowning glory, long, layered and straightened using the sedu flat irons should have an almost mirror like shine. The make up should be kept minimal and have a very fresh, natural look while the dress, made from some soft floaty material in a simple layered design should add to the effect. Accessories and jewellery should be kept small and if anything understated.

Whilst the natural look may indeed be to some peoples taste a great many other girls and women really want to pull out the stops when it comes to special occasions. It is part of their nature to be "chic" and in some ways want to show others what they are really all about.

Celebrities falling into this category and who are inspirational to many women are Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. This look is a million miles away from the stunningly simple natural look. In this case the hair is straightened using sedu technology to make it smooth, lustrous and manageable. It is then usually swept up in some fairly dramatic "up" style with some wispy curls left free to soften the whole effect.

The dress should be striking! No pastel shades here! Probably a fitted corset type bodice a with softer skirt, these dresses usually have huge $ signs attached and are probably better highered form a specialist outfitter. Jewellery and make up are also bold and the jewellery expensive but in a way which compliments the look, not detracting from it in any way.

These are only a couple of very much contrasting ideas of how sedu prom hair styles can influence a whole look, there are a great many more out there - something for everyone.

It is important to remember to create these styles using the sedu straightening irons follow these simple steps:-

1. Wash and condition your hair using good quality products - remember because a product costs a months salary does not mean it is the best so do your homework before you splash out!

2. Either towel dry or allow it to dry naturally

3. Apply some styling mousse and blow dry

4. Use your sedu straightening irons to smooth your hair

5. Create that sedu prom hair style for the ultimate wow factor

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2009 Hairstyles for Girls

2009 Hairstyles Hair Style Womens Trends

2009 New Alternative Hairstyles for Girls
Video slide show with the hottest and newest alternative hairstyles photos.

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Bandana Rockabilly - rockabilly hairstyle with the bandanna

Rockabilly hairstyle with the bandanna
Dancers and other athletes, who wear them during practice as a simple way of keeping hair and sweat out of their faces.

If you have longer hair, you might want to try Iris' tutorial instead...this tutorial would be a little tougher w/ very long hair.

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Pixie Cut For Summer 2009

The “Pixie” is among the hot and trendy short hairstyles this season. It helps accentuate your features as well show off your trendy earrings. You can easily get a messed up look or you could straighten your hair to give you a sleek look for an evening. You could use bold red color at the edges and it will help frame your face and call attention to the layers.

step by step how-to video for pixie cut

Creative Hairstyles photo

Wow look at these interesting and creative hairstyles. If you want to look special just go to one of these crazy hairstylist!

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Introduction to Hair Straighteners

Author: Roberto Luongo

Hair straighteners are an indispensable beauty treatment which every woman adores across the world. Over the last a few decades it has given a straight way to attain the most desired look by just twisting, curling, and straightening the hairs. The fashion of playing with hairs started around in 1960’s when women realized that their hairs need to be fixed in a different way in order to add more glitter and shine in their overall personality.

In modern era, several companies and manufactures have tried their hands in developing ultimate hair straighteners in order to serve women in a better way. Out of many, GHD hair straighteners have made their ever-lasting impact on the minds of the users. What made GHD different from other straighteners is its easiness to use and safety. These hair straighteners can be conveniently used for any kind of hair and convert your normal hairstyle into the most attractive one. Imagine, how lovely it will feel, when you change your entire look by giving a quick fix to your hair, adding a vintage curl that will make heads turn.

If you have curly hair and want to get the look of the straight hair, using the magic of GHD hair straighteners could be just a perfect idea. In the same way, many women having naturally straight hair crave for the look of a little perm and curls can found straighteners a true companion. By implementing modern straightening technology, you can secure the most enhancing and pampering look for yourself. You can also create curly or wavy hair just as well as straight hair.

Want to style your hairs in different forms and formats? Choosing the GHD hair straighteners could be the best alternative available for your needs and requirements. But whatever hairstyle you select for yourself with straightening irons, make sure you get the safest straightener for your body use. Protect your scalp from excess heat emission and maintain the long-term health of your hair.

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Tips for Long Hairstyles

Learn how to do a low ponytail with a long hairstyle with expert hair styling tips in this free beauty video clip.

How to Do a Low Ponytail: Long Hairstyles

1960s Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Get a sassy go-go dancer look with the 1960's tease hairstyle. Learn how to do a tease hairstyle with a teasing comb in this free beauty video about hairstyles for medium length hair.

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Hairdos for School

Nothing unique or special, just sharing the hairdos do for japonishe school

Cute Quick

Step 1 :
Straighten Your Hair Or Curl It.. In My case i straighten it.
Step 2 : Get the back of your head hair, [crown bit] and tease it down using a brush/comb, put hair spray on the roots of where you teased it and flatern it down a lil bit.
Step 3: grab a lil bit of your side hair and get a bobby pin and put the bobby pin on the hair to hold your hair in.. put as many bobby pins in as you need. and Repeat of the other side.
step 4: put some hairspray where you put you hair up. and spray gentley over all the hair
step 5: put headband on and Wow!

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Indian Wedding Customs - Ritual and Traditions

Author: vibgyormedia

While there is nothing such as ‘snan’ water that distinguishes it from ordinary water, except , perhaps , the magical effect of the mantras or prayers chanted by the priest ,elaborate ceremony rites associated with the "ritual of the bath", continue to be performed to this day at almost all ceremonies , particularly weddings .

Much significance has been accorded to the bathing ritual or mangalsnan for the groom and the bride-to-be, prior to the wedding ceremony. Apart from spiritual reasons , the belief goes ,that this tradition perhaps takes root in the “royal baths” , where the queens were anointed with aromatic oils and bathed in fragrant water baths filled with “attars” or rose petals, to make them look more beautiful for their kings .Since then ,through the ages , every bride for every prince charming has been following the same ritual for enhancement of her looks , with slight modification and variation in the actual ceremony form associated with each ceremony and religion .

For instance, it was customary, at one time, amongst Punjabis, for the girls, to remain in her old clothes for one or two days (or even more), before the wedding. This so called “Mayean pe gayen”, where the girl remained in her old clothes for a period of time , sitting in front of four diyas lit before her was considered essential , as it was believed that the light of the diyas would be reflected on her face , thereby making her glow and look more beautiful on the wedding eve !

The Punjabi ritual of the bath is still a rather elaborate one, beginning with the first step of getting “suitable holy water” for the bath. For “ghara ghardoli”, as this ceremony is so called , the ladies of the house , usually the bride/groom’s sisters , cousins , and bhabhis(sister-in-laws), led by a married sister who carries the “ghara” on her head ,placed over a pink chunni ,go to a nearby temple , to fetch the water for the bride/groom’s bath, to the accompaniment of songs , jokes and laughter . As she enters the house, she is welcomed by the mother of the bride or the groom as the case may be with sweets and an auspicious token of money and gifts for this occasion.

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Pin up rockabilly Hairstyles

A new rockabilly hairstyle video tutorial.

Its very elegant and nice for going out to the theater or the opera.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rockabilly or the So Called Pin- Up Girl Hairstyles

Author: BecomeGorgeous

The rockabilly hairstyle is one of the most sensual and feminine hairstyles, reflecting the most beautiful features of the 40's. It is a rock- and- roll hairstyle which got a hit from the sexy Bettie Page. The hot pin-up model, created a real craze that still lasts in a whole pop culture. It is very popular at the moment, with their main characteristic: the way up high front hairstyle and close at the sides. Bettie Page sported short bangs, which is another nice version of the pi-up girl hairstyle.

Basic Elements of a Rockabilly Hairstyle

First of all, you should know that medium or short haircuts can make the best rockabilly hairstyles.

Another main part of the pin-up girl hairstyle is that you have to get curls or waves along the back part of your hair.

It is a polished look, which needs well hidden hair pins and strong fixing. So make sure you have the proper hair styling products.

Ways to Style Rockabilly Hairstyles

Jennys Pinup Updo

Starting from your curls, you should decide what style you are going to opt for. Tight curls can make a casual look with a back bun and the loose curls can make glamorous big waves in your hair. You can create a huge wave with your bangs or straighten them to get a classic Bettie Page look. Hot hair rollers will do the perfect styling tools for this hairstyle.

Once you got the curl in your long bangs, tease it in the back part of the curl and make the big wave in the front. This will make the main item of your look. Than pull the rest of your hair in the back comb, making it really tight at the sides. Fix it with plenty of hairspray.

For long hair, you have to get pin curls. Get the whole hair curly, and leave it loose with side swept bangs. You can try a comb to, but it will be harder to style because of the length. Finger waves are also a good option. Just make sure you can fix properly the curls into a polished look. The rockabilly hairstyle is very chic and feminine mostly because of it's perfect styling. You can make a French twist hairstyle with all the curls pulled in the front to pin them in large tube shaped waves on your forehead.

The main idea in creating rockabilly hairstyles are the curls. Leave the hair loose, pin it in a French twist and tube curls at the forehead, or make marvelous half updos with tight hair on the sides pulled up in two tube curls and blunt cut bangs in the front, there are endless styling possibilities. Just keep it curly and well polished. Many celebrities opt for this retro hairstyle, because it is edgy yet feminine and classy. Get inspired from the celebrities like: Gwen Stefani, Pink, Rihanna, Jenny McCharty, Dita Von Tesse and many others. Just make sure you find the style that matches your face shape: tight sides for the round faces because of the lengthening effect and loose curls for the long shaped faces to add width.

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Prom Hairstyles

Author: BecomeGorgeous

We all get nervous before prom. Everyone expects us to look gorgeous and we also want to be the hottest ones. It is the final contest for our beauty, when we can prove that we can also look good and not only be a great student. We have to take big decisions and be ready to shine. We need a perfect dress, perfect makeup and of course a perfect hairstyle. Here are the hottest styles you can choose from.


waves3 burlesque8

Loose hairstyles

Loose hairstyles are the simplest way to style our hair. It is perfect for any length and any hair type. It may be styled in tree ways: straight, wavy, or curly. It is up to us to decide which one matches our personality. The straight hair will lengthen the face but don't forget to keep the face clear by not framing it. It is recommended for round face shapes. Wavy or curly hairstyles are more romantic, that's why they are very popular. It is a glamorous hairstyle that reminds of the fairytale looks. The waves and curls may be styled with rollers, curling iron, or even with the flat iron. According to the result we want to achieve, the curling tool can be chosen by the size and the texture we are dreaming of. Of course, fixing it is an essential part of this hairstyle, but if it's done properly, it doesn't need touch-ups during the entire prom.

vintage-hairstyle1 middle-parting3 thick-straight

Half updo hairstyles

The half updos are great for all the face shapes and hair types. It is a glamorous hairstyle that can be styled with medium and long hair. It provides a very feminine look, and with the pinned up sides, it emphasizes the facial features. If we pump it up on the top, it creates a lengthening and slimming illusion. It is very popular between celebrities to, because of the goddess look that provides. The texture of the hair is recommended as being wavy, but goes well with curly to. For the straight hair, some side swept bangs can look great, while the wavy/curly ones need to tease it up. In this case, don't forget to treat your hair after the event. The half updo hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, it can be done quickly, and fixed perfectly. You can even do it yourself, but for such an important event like the prom, we recommend going to a hair saloon.

Formal Christmas Hairstyles Haircuts for a Big Nose Trendy Hairstyles Braids 2009 Summer

Updo hairstyles

If you want the most feminine and chic look, than choose the updo hairstyle. It is perfect for lengthening the neck and it can be styled in so many ways, that any kind of illusion may be created to hide your flaws. Teasing it, pinning it up, pulling it back or mix it with braids, you can do anything you think about. It matches any outfit and any event. Bangs can be left down or pinned up and braided with the rest of your hair. It can be accessorized and spiced up with hair jewelry or flowers. You can even wear a tiara. Vintage hairstyles can be created just as bohemian ones. It doesn't have to be complicated, it can be just as glamorous with the most simple updo ever. Maybe a french twist updo for a really feminine look. The ways to style updo hairstyles are endless. Just leave your imagination free and enjoy the prom.

vintage wedding hairstyle vintage wedding hairstyle long-hair-updo1

And lets not forget about the vintage burlesque hairstyles that may be created from all hair types and all lengths. Just make some finger waves, fix them and style it into a good girlish hairstyle. Use some vintage hair accessory and you are ready to go.

vintage wedding hairstyle side-parted-hairstyle flirty-fascinator

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Original fifties hairstyles

A fifties hairstyle 8

A fifties hairstyle 9

A fifties hairstyle 10

A fifties hairstyle 11

Edwardian hairstyle

1904 postcard

vintage-edwardian-hairstyle 1904 postcard


Hairstyles from the 60's

Film showing lots of different hairstyles popular in the 1960s.
Classic Hairstyles from 1950 and 1960.

Short Cuts Bob was a much more practical than lacquered ulyami with their effects long lazy afternoon leisurely training in the salon. Both long hair and short hair were popular in the teenage years for girls and young women. Stylised wigs were very fashionable and the women were told they could change who they are, putting on different hair. This flexibility and the role of personality is characterized by the so-called post-modernist culture. Images are important and there is rapid exchange of one image to another.